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Monday, July 13, 2015

July 12, 2015


Hola 친구들, It was a pretty regular week so my email will be pretty short this week. Everything is in full summer mode, so it is very hot, and very humid, and very rainy. Elder Smith thought it was a good idea to not take an umbrella this past week so he got pretty soaked. Fortunately I was prepared and I was not too wet. 

About Korean culture... this week I was told that it is super important to address people by their titles instead of just by “him or her” even if you talk about them for a long time. So it’s kinda silly when I am telling a story about my dad and I constantly have to say "my father" instead of “him.”

 I had a long spiritual thought last week so I won't say much this week at all, but I am still doing super well and by reading the scriptures and by praying, and by doing the basic things, we can overcome our struggles even in difficult or just ordinary times.

Elder Coleman

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