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Friday, December 12, 2014

December 11, 2014

To my family and friends,

This letter will be short because I am pressed for time this week. Some notable news is that one of our sisters went home with celiac complications today. We will miss her so much and she has been and will be in our prayers everyday. Other notable news; it is December 10th and we will be playing beach volleyball outside today. So that's good news. 

So Korean.. Last night we were basically taught sentence formation technique by our instructor. He said that you can change any verb to a noun if you add a gerund marker on it and just put it in the object space. So that probably doesn't make any sense to anyone, but it was super cool for all of us. In other words, Korean makes so much more sense than English. 

So today I want to talk about the parable of the vine found in John 15. Christ compared himself to the vine, which basically amounts to the stem of a tree or vine. He then tells all of us that we are branches or leaves on the vine. Christ reminds us that we have no strength without him and we can receive no nourishment but through him; however, we can have unlimited strength through him. I know that Christ's atonement and suffering allows us to repent and can give us strength when we don't have any left. He will carry us and he will nurture and nourish us throughout our lives.

So my testimony about the restoration of the gospel revolves around the Book of Mormon. I struggle with many principles of the gospel, but I know with absolute conviction that the Book of Mormon is true and that anyone can receive peace and become closer to God through diligent study of the book. Start anywhere. Read anything. Then pray to God and ask if it is true. He will answer you. It will be in his time and in his own way, but it will come.

I love you all,
Elder Coleman

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