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Friday, December 19, 2014

December 18, 2014

To my friends and family

What a week! This week Im going to answer some questions my mother sent me that I think can apply to all of us and should fulfill the purpose of this blog. She asked me what the coolest thing I learned about the Korean language and the gospel this week and my greatest challenge.

The coolest thing I learned in Korean is probably the gerund form. I finally learned how to have two verbs in one sentence, which is incredibly important for teaching. We have had about 4 teachers in our class everyday because the older district left, so we have gotten a lot of private lessons from native speakers which is super cool. In addition, we learned that there is actually inflection in the Korean language, which we didn't know about, so that's fun...

The coolest thing I have "learned" or rediscovered or studied about the gospel this week is found in Alma 43. It discusses the process by which we can overcome the armies of the devil and the various temptations and struggles in this life. In verse 13, it describes how the Nephites were completely alone in fighting the Lamanites. They had many deserters and they were completely surrounded. Sometimes, we feel alone in fighting against our trials, but this chapter gives us advice on how to overcome even the most impossible odds. First, in verse 19, the scriptures state that we must prepare physically and spiritually for the enemy. We cannot go into battle without armor just as we cannot go out into the world without prayer or scripture study. We must prepare in every way to fight against to trials we will face. Second, in verse 23 we must prepare by asking the living prophet's advice. The living prophets will give us advice that applies to us directly in this time. We must give heed. In verse 30, it reminds us that we must also have the right desires and stratagem. We can't expect to avoid the dangers of sin if we walk right into places where they are most common! We must try our best to avoid them and develop strategies to overcome them. Unfortunately, even after all of this, in verses 42-44 we are reminded of the power of temptations. The Lamanites smote through many of the Nephites armor and fought like dragons. They slew many Nephites despite their diligent preparation and strategy. Even with sincere preparation, we are still vulnerable to the snares of temptation and we will fall if we do not take the final step. Verses 49-50 describe the power of prayer and how praying sincerely gives us the ability to stand against the adversary with power. I have a testimony of the power of prayer and the strength it brings. When our wisdom and our preparation have failed, prayer makes up the difference and God will give us the strength to stand with power against all things. I know the scriptures apply to us in this day and I know they teach principles that if followed will bring us happiness in this life and salvation in the next.

I love you all,
Elder Coleman

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