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Thursday, January 1, 2015

January 1, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

This letter will be brief, so I apologize, but I would like to thank all of you for your prayers and support as I have been gone. It has truly meant so much to me. And I would especially like to thank the Permenters for the food that they sent on New Years; it was much appreciated. So I leave for Korea on Monday, but not much has changed. Just learning a language and learning to teach. Oh and my companion and I got picked to teach the new missionaries how to teach a lesson, but it was super hard because we had to do it in English and I don't know how to teach in English.

Here are some things to do in Korea: Suits and Buddhist temples. So in Korea, suits cost about 50$ for a nice knock-off designer suit, so I should enjoy shopping. Plus they have these tie boxes that any tie in there (designer ties) costs two dollars. Too bad I'm not there just to shop. A couple of days ago, someone asked the question of if we were to see one thing in Korea, what should we see? Brother Scovile said that we had to make the hike to a Buddhist temple. Apparently, the hike is incredible and the view is even better. But don't hit the gong, or the monks yell at you.

I love 3 Nephi 30. It is two verses long and basically sums up the gospel. If we shun our sins and our weaknesses, have faith and repent, be baptized, and try to improve daily through the Holy Ghost, we will be saved. It is so basic, and so universal, but takes an eternity to master. I know that living the gospel will bless anyone who tries it. And as Christ said, if we live it first, we will see by the fruits if it is true or not.

So this week, I memorized the first vision in Korean. I can't do it in English anymore, but as I listen to it in Korean, I truly feel my testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith grow stronger. He did see God and Christ. There is so much physical proof, and it makes so much sense; however, I don't know these things of myself. I know these things because I've read the Book of Mormon, got on my knees, and asked. It is a universal promise to anyone who reads the Book with an open heart. It is not just for Mormons, or the rich, or people from Utah. If anyone reads the Book, with real intent, and asks God if it is true, they will receive an answer in their hearts that cannot be denied.

I love you all,
Elder Coleman

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