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Monday, January 19, 2015

January 19, 2015

Good afternoon/evening/morning depending on where you are!
It was a wonderful week this week, which is good because last week was very hard. So just a couple of quick details; we had a sweet meat buffet this past week, zone conference, two great English classes, and also two investigators who came to church. I wish I could go into all the things I want to talk about, but there just isn't a ton of time. If anyone has specific questions, please just email me individually.
Anyway, so culture-wise today I want to talk about food. So obviously there is a lot of rice and kimchi (don't know how it is spelled in English), lots of hot food and a ton of different types of meat. So this week, I was introduced to so much different types of meat and food and I loved all of it! It was so cool. They really like to mix rice with random things, they even steam it in water and then they drink it. Anyway, lots of cool food and tons to eat.
Next I wanted to share a scripture from the Doctrine and Covenants (it is found in the Latter-Day Saint canon). Anyway D&C 19:16-17, 23-24, and 41 talks about how Christ suffered for all of our sins so that we might not suffer. It promises that we will have peace in the Savior if we come unto him and follow him. So in Korea, it's never peaceful for me. I'm trying to learn a new language and culture, while trying to do missionary work. Neverthless, when I rely on Christ and when I look for peace in the quiet moments of my day, the long crowded bus rides and bad fish on the street all get better. Christ suffered for more than just our sins, he is there for all of our infirmities. Anything that we struggle with, he wants to hear about and help us with. Turn to him. He is your Savior.
Next, a quick thought on the restoration. The first thing we teach people as missionarires is how Joseph Smith, a modern prophet, restored the truth of the gospel through the Book of Mormon. The ideas are simple, but at the same time so hard for people to believe. And I understand that. Why would God give a young boy who had no education such a responsibility? But as I teach this lesson over and over again in a language that is so foreign to me and all I can do is say I know Joseph Smith was a prophet, I can see hearts opened and testimonies budding. Joseph Smith was a prophet. He saw God and by his power, he translated the Book of Mormon and established Christ's Church. I don't know these things because I have seen the record or because I have had Christ appear to me; I know these things because they feel right and because I feel Christ's spirit. I know anyone who asks sincerely can have the same experience people in Korea and I have had.
Love all of you,
Elder Coleman

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