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Monday, January 12, 2015

January 12, 2015

To my family and friends,

This past week I arrived in Korea and have been sent to the 만수 area and my companion is Elder Karlson. He has been out 5 months and he will be training me for about 12 weeks. We have one really incredible investigator who we will be teaching named 윤여준 who is really progressing very well. He will be baptized on the 24 of January

So Korea has a lot of very strange things. First, they sleep on mats on the ground, which is actually more comfortable than you would think. Second, they don't heat hallways, so when you walk from one room to another, it is very cold. Third, they don't really have a place where you take a shower. They just have a shower head in the bathroom and you kinda use it there. Yea lots of other interesting things but I'll just say those for today I guess.

So I had one special spiritual experience this week. To preface, I have been feeling very sick because of the lack of protein and plainness of the food here, so I've been sick on and off and just really exhausted from the big time change. Anyway, so Sunday came around and I have really been struggling to feel the Spirit since I got here. I had felt it in terms of being productive (like we luckily ran into some super cool people while we were proselyting) and I was helped in other ways, but I hadn't felt that peace the spirit brings for several days. Anyway Sunday morning as we were running out the door to go to church, I said a really quick prayer and just asked God if he wanted me to go through this that was fine, but to just give me that feeling of peace. After I finished the prayer, I felt a tiny feeling, barely recognizable, but it was the same Spirit that I have come to offer the people in Korea. It was wonderful to feel it again. So after that, the day at church went really well, even though I didn't understand anything and I made a lot of mistakes. After church during study time, I took time to read my patriarchal blessing (for those of you who don't know what that is, it is a blessing members receive from someone called of God specifically to help you in your life) and also took some time to read the Doctrine & Covenants. Both of these focused on patience and standing to wait. I know that I have been called to this area to do a work that I don't know yet and I'm not sure I can do yet. But I know I will be prepared to do it if I am faithful and diligent. 

I hope all of you are healthy and doing well,
Elder Nathan Coleman

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