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Sunday, April 12, 2015

April 13, 2015

To my Friends and Family,

What an interesting week. As I look back on the week, we have seen a lot of miracles and have had a lot of amazing experiences. In my new area, everyone is basically fluent at English, which is very bad. Because of that, we don't get a lot of Korean listening practice in and we have to teach in English, which of course is just not fun. Also, there are so many rich people who are also busy, which makes teaching them even harder. Anyway, but it was a good week. Our friend 정재승, is doing very well. He is very interested in his relationship with God and what he can to do have a peaceful and happy life. He seeks for learning and will read and ask questions until he understands perfectly, which is of course lovely for a teacher. 

As some of you know, General Conference was also this week. General Conference is when the living prophets and apostles speak to us and help us understand what we should be doing in order to follow God. Just like in Old Testament and New Testament times, we believe that God calls prophets to help him do his work on the earth. So in this conference, a common pattern that prophets talked about was relying on the Savior, Jesus Christ. They said that the way to do this is to first have faith that He lives and loves us. Faith is an enabling power that helps us overcome the difficulties of the world. Faith leads to hope. Hope is an abiding trust that if we keep God's commandments, one day we will find rest from all of our cares and worries. The hope that we will one day rest allows us to find peace in this life regardless of the struggles we face because we know that we will eventually live with our families in peace. 

As I have served my mission, I have continued to learn the truth of these principles. We can find so much joy and peace in our life as we align our perspective with that of God's. If we look at this life as not an end, but rather as just a step in our existence, we can find peace in our trials and comfort in our sorrows.

Love you all!

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