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Monday, March 30, 2015

March 29, 2015

To my family and friends,

I will be leaving 인천 (that’s not how you spell it in English, but I forgot. Sorry.) and I will be going into the heart of Seoul! I do not have much time to write a long email, but I just wanted to let you all know that I am doing well. This week most of our investigators are in the same boat that they were in last week. They are struggling to receive that personal witness and have their faith grow.

So today relating to this problem I will share a message about how to strengthen faith. Whether you are a missionary, an atheist, or just someone of another religion, I hope my message can apply to you. First of all, Faith is not a principle of weakness or ignorance; it is a principle of power. No matter what your standing is on religion right now, Faith in a God and Faith in Christ can help you overcome challenges. When we have a firm belief in God and Christ, we can know that this life is not the end. We can know that as we do good works and follow God's commandments, we will receive peace and joy in this life and the next. As we continue to study, pray, and follow what God wants us to do, we start to know by our own experience that God is real and we begin to feel that promised Joy and Peace. This knowledge and these feelings do not come all at once, but rather slowly as we continue to follow God's path. My plea for all of you is to try it. Try praying. Try reading God's word or doing service for someone else. You will start to feel that peace and joy and you will know that God is real.

I love you all,
Elder Coleman

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